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~We have changed our pet policy to no pets, due to the additional cost of cleaning we have to do for pet hair .

~Only those visitors carrying a Concealed carry license with them are welcome to bring firearms into Ruddy Duck Ridge cabins.

~No Hunting or Dressing of critters is allowed at Ruddy Duck Ridge cabins.

~No riding of ATV's /Dirt Bikes, paintball or air guns, fireworks are permitted at Ruddy Duck Ridge cabins.

~No possession of any illegal substances are permitted at Ruddy Duck Ridge cabins.

~Smoking is NOT permitted, inside our cabins or in the Hot tub. Dispose of cigarettes into provided smoker's bucket, not on the grounds,

a $500.00 cleaning fee (Yikes!) will be added to your bill if smoking has been detected in our cabins.

~The cabin will be inspected, cleaned & sanitized before you arrive & again after your departure. YOU ARE REQUIRED to leave the cabin in the same general condition that you received it. If additional cleaning is required, a $500.00 cleaning fee will be added to your bill for housekeeping expenses, Ruddy Duck Ridge reserves the right to charge cleaning/smoking fees if necessary. 

** See Hot Tub Info page for all important information about using the hottub. You agree to adhere to the hottub rules as well at time of booking.

~We have remodeled & outfitted the cabin with good quality furniture & things to make your stay comfortable & ask that you treat the inside & outside like you treat your stuff.... or better if you don't like your stuff. **This Includes NOT carving anything in the trees on our property. We have had this happen, & it is not acceptable! We will charge a tree damage fee of $100.00 if you are found to have carved into our trees. 

~Any fees accrued through  damages to & /or abuse of equipment including using any cabin property in any way against the policies & rules,  including all furnishings inside & out,  or equipment,  will be charged to renter's bill to replace &/or repair. If you see something wrong when you arrive, please let us know so the ones before you get the what for.

~Just like anything else, glitches are bond to happen. if you experience problems with the equipment, hot tub etc.... let us know right away, so we can take care of it.

~Due to Hot tub cleanings, the Hot tub may need a few hours to heat to its full temperature so bare with us.

~No parties permitted, although Ruddy Duck Ridge cabins are located on secluded acres, please respect other guests & neighbors in the area.

~Ruddy Duck Ridge cabins is NOT responsible for injury or damage to you or your property.

*No refunds will be given if a person is required to vacate the property due to disruptive conduct or failure to follow any of these rules.

~A $25.00 Charge will be applied to replace a lost set of keys.

~Ruddy Duck Ridge is not responsible for any items left after a stay. We will be happy to check for left items & return them at renter's expense.

Occasionally the power does go out for a short time, due to storms & car accidents, but it usually is temporary. This is out of our control & we are sorry for any inconvience this may cause you during your stay.

~We do take measures to keep critters away... however, please remember that you will be in a wooded area.

You may see insects or an occasional mouse (although very rare). No refunds will be given for insects or mice found in a cabin.

~Due to the remoteness of our cabins, cell phone service is not guaranteed & is a very spotty.



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